Furniture for Kids’ Nurseries

August 10, 2021 , Modern furniture

Modern furniture generally refers to furniture designed especially from the late nineteen seventies through the current, which is greatly influenced by modernism. Post-World War II idealistic concepts of cutting loose, commodification, and outright functionalism of materials in design greatly influenced the design of the furniture. With minimalism, minimalist design, and conceptualism, the artistic style that pervades much of this furniture was positively impacted by the “Hegel Syndrome”. Much of the contemporary furniture of today has adopted some aspects of the minimalist style in order to accommodate the changing tastes of consumers.

Many of the new furniture designs for kids are influenced by the “Lollipops” generation. This design includes simple geometric shapes, like circles and squares, and smooth, rounded curves. A typical piece of kids furniture is a playhouse or a simple bed with a bunk under it. The pieces of furniture generally take on a simple color palette consisting of light blue, light green, cream, yellow, and orange. Some manufacturers are starting to use brighter colors such as red and pink as far more girls’ bedroom furniture collections are becoming popular.

The playhouse has an interior that is decorated with bright colors. The walls of this room are painted with bold patterns that express the artistic motifs of the modern kid’s room. In addition to the playhouse, modern furniture for kids consists of dressers, chests, cupboards, toy boxes, nightstands, cribs, toy racks, and shelves. The dresser is typically smaller than most other furniture pieces but it is big enough to accommodate many of today’s modern accessories. Many of these storage spaces include built in shoe closets. These modern storage spaces are perfect for a modern kid’s bedroom where shoes are often accumulated throughout the course of a day.

Cribs have also become modern furniture for kids. These sleeping areas for children come with built in desks and drawers. Today’s designs add bright colors and patterns that make these furniture pieces look like they have actually been chosen for the nursery. The drawers and desks of these furniture pieces often include built in mirrors to add some additional design. Modern children’s furniture comes in both platform beds and full size beds that are designed with the comfort of the child in mind.

Nightstands and desks often serve the dual purpose of an additional table for games or a bookcase for placing collected movies. Many of these modern furniture pieces for kids’ rooms have built in televisions as well. Many of these televisions come with built in speakers for music or television viewing purposes. One can never have too much television in a kid’s room, as it will enhance the overall feel of the space. These modern furniture items can be found at most furniture stores and can be made to order or you may choose from the many options that are offered online.

In today’s world, kids spend more time in their rooms than any other area of their homes. This is why it is so important to find furniture pieces that will keep your kids comfortable and entertained. Whether you decide on a basic set of furniture or choose from the many options available in modern designs, the addition of modern furniture to your kids’ nursery will make your little one feel like a tiny kid again.