Trend Toward Open Space

February 7, 2021 , Modern furniture

Modern furniture generally refers to furniture designed especially from the late 19th century until the present, which is largely influenced by modernism. Post-World War II aesthetic ideals of practicality, cutting-edge style, and excess ornamentation of manufactured objects in design strongly influenced the design of the furniture as well. This new look gave rise to a number of designs, including the sofas and love seats with low backs, metal furniture, open or enclosed armoires, and low-profile dressers. Some of these pieces became popular among young couples at the time, while others became household staples for families with children. The designs were often geometric in nature and were usually associated with modern elements such as geometric shapes, metal finishes, chrome, and stainless steel. Today, the look remains largely popular, although some of the original designs have become outdated due to the rapid changes in modern furniture design.

Some modern furniture designs have remained true to the traditional forms, while others have sought to combine the timeless beauty of traditional styles with modern innovations. Parents commonly prefer the classical shapes in their child’s furniture pieces such as the sofas and loveseats, as they tend to be smaller in size than other pieces and perfect for smaller rooms or dens. The classic shapes also give them a more timeless look, unlike the ultra-modern pieces which are often shorter and stand a smaller footprint. Additionally, these pieces offer a focal point when placed in a certain place such as a baby’s room as they represent the main focal point of the space.

In order to bring the timeless beauty of traditional pieces back, most modern furniture manufacturers have rethought about the storage space of the items. Parents often want to place playpens, cradles, and chairs in front of a television so they can hold their babies or toddlers while watching their favorite shows or movies. These pieces can easily be accommodated with lounge chairs that come in various shapes and sizes to hold toddlers and babies who are going to sit in it. If you have these chairs in your lounge area, you can easily convert them into comfortable seating with adjustable height to accommodate growing kids in the near future.

A more practical trend toward open space has been seen in the use of furniture made of natural materials. A favorite piece is a sofa with an extra wide footstool attached to it. If you look at some modern furniture featured in home magazines and online, you’ll find that many sofa sets come with matching love seats that also come in open-ended shapes. These types of pieces not only have a double purpose, but they also look great in the living room as well.

There are some modern furniture designers that have combined contemporary furniture with the more classic styles. This allows them to create a balance that makes the pieces look like two different styles. A good example of this is pieces that feature open ends. These pieces are usually accompanied by contemporary pieces that have either curvy or rectangular shapes. The lines between the two styles seem to be blurred and the two end up blending together seamlessly.

Another trend toward modern furniture design is the use of a lot of shiny metal finishes. While this looks nice in a home where the other styles have been used, it can seem too clinical. Instead of trying to blend in with the other furniture, it might be better to try to set your pieces apart with clean and sharp finishes. A good tip for this is to look at the finishes used on pieces that you’d like to replace.